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January 29, 2024

Privacy in Video Analytics: Why icetana Champions Your Right to Privacy

In the era of technological advancements, privacy concerns are at the forefront of every discussion, especially in the realm of video analytics.

At icetana, we are committed to upholding your privacy rights while ensuring a safe workplace environment. This commitment is deeply embedded in our approach to video analytics, particularly in our decision not to incorporate face detection technology in our systems.

Why No Face Detection?

icetana’s AI-driven video analytics software is engineered with a primary focus on anomaly detection, without the need for face recognition. We believe that protecting individual privacy should not be an afterthought, but a core principle. Our technology is designed to identify unusual or unexpected events in real time, enabling security operators to shift from a reactive to a proactive stance in maintaining safety and security.

Privacy is Your Right

We understand that privacy is not just a feature but a fundamental right. In a world where digital surveillance is becoming precent, we take a stand against invasive technologies that compromise individual privacy. By avoiding face detection, icetana ensures that while we keep an eye on safety, we also respect the personal space and privacy of every individual.

No Bias

By our software being designed without facial recognition capabilities, we guarantee the absence of biases linked to gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. The main purpose of icetana is to detect unusual activities that could compromise everyone's safety.


Workers and the general public are justified in their concerns about privacy and security regarding AI cameras. At icetana, we firmly believe in the harmonious balance between safety and privacy. Our decision not to include face detection in our video analytics is a testament to our commitment to uphold your right to privacy.

We continue to innovate, ensuring our technology serves without compromising the individual's right to privacy.

With icetana, you are not just safe; you are respected. Contact us today if you would like to have further discussions on this topic.

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