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icetana GPT

Identify any event you're interested in without custom algorithms.
 icetana AI GPT software 

Simple event discovery. No custom algorithms are required.

Integrate icetana GPT with our Safety and Security solution to search for any event by entering a text description, alerting you in real time when the event occurs.

Additionally, it offers automated reporting capabilities that do not require internet access, perfect if you are on a dark site.
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The challenge

Unique security challenges

Different security environments have diverse requirements, making it challenging to detect specific incidents in real time.

Reporting writing

Writing reports manually can be time-consuming and might result in overlooking significant security threats.

Missing key events

Given the variety of security threats, there is a risk of overlooking crucial ones.
icetana GPT Software

The Solution

Easily identify specific events customised to your requirements in real time, without any need for icetana AI development. Once installed, icetana GPT initiates a straightforward three-step process.

Click to create a new GPT prompt

Enter the event type you are looking for

Input the specific security events you wish to monitor, which could vary from detecting a person with a knife to the presence of medical emergency services onsite.

Events will appear on your Livewall

After you input your specific events, they will appear on your Livewall instantly in real time.

Key Benefits

No internet access is required
icetana GPT operates on servers rather than the internet, making it ideal for dark sites.
Find custom events with simple text entry
Every site is unique and has specific security requirements, enabling you to identify and monitor custom events tailored to your needs.
Starts working immediately
After installation, icetana GPT analyses your camera feeds and displays your custom events in real time.
No specialist cameras
There is no need for you to upgrade your cameras, icetana GPT is compatible with a wide variety of camera models.
Use Cases

How icetana GPT works

Our GPT offers multiple uses within your facility.
Car Crash GPT

Text-based event detection

Discover a broad spectrum of events by describing them, allowing our local GPT to locate them.
Report writing - icetana GPT

Automated reporting

Use our local GPT to describe the events occurring in your video.

icetana AI Suite

icetana Safety and Security is the foundational product, complemented by a suite of AI-driven products.
icetana security

Safety & Security

24/7 real time AI surveillance
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Transform surveillance data into actionable insights at scale
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Forensics Quick Find

Locate individuals of interest across all sites in real time
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Licence Plate Recognition

Detects licence plates in real time

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Facial Recognition

Identify individuals Instantly with facial recognition
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Identify the event you're interested in without custom algorithms

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about icetana GPT
Do I need the icetana Safety and Security product for icetana GPT? 
Yes, icetana Safety and Security is the foundational product with icetana GPT as an additional feature.
Will icetana GPT work on my current VMS system? 
Yes, we integrate with NX Witness, Genetec and Milestone.
What is the pricing of icetana GPT? 
Please contact our sales team so we can assess your needs and offer you the appropriate pricing. Book a meeting here.