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Self-learning AI for real-time event detection.

Self-learning AI for real time event detection

Our core product Safety and Security connects with your existing security cameras to detect unusual or interesting events across large surveillance networks.
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The Challenge

Overwhelmed by video footage?

24 billion hours of CCTV video footage are generated every day making manual monitoring impossible and costly.

How Security Currently Works

Missing key events?

Security issues are often identified after they occur. Stay ahead of your security incidents with immediate alerts with icetana’s Safety and Security AI software.

How Security Could Work

Detect problems before they happen

icetana AI allows cameras to detect unusual events and behaviour, to signal potential security breaches. 

icetana benefits all

icetana are experts in AI Security Detection Software

Our AI enhances security and safety through advanced surveillance, covering everything from theft, and medical emergencies to routine monitoring and prevention.  

Self-learning AI

Unlike static systems, our AI continuously evolves, offering unmatched adaptability.

Real Time Event Detection

Stay ahead of security incidents with
immediate alerts.

A suite of AI products

Integrate our suite of products to icetana safety and security to ensure comprehensive cover in all areas.

Reduced False Alarms

Our real time event detection reduces false alarms, a common challenge for security guards.

Easy Configuration

User-friendly setup, no manual setup process, ready to use within 24 hours.


Ideal for large networks, surpassing competitors in large-scale deployment efficiency.

icetana Suite

icetana Safety and Security serves as the foundational product, complemented by a suite of AI-driven products. This integration forms a comprehensive platform designed to enhance your expertise in safety and security.
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Safety & Security

24/7 real time AI surveillance
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Transform surveillance data into actionable insights at scale
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Forensics Quick Find

Locate individuals of interest across all sites in real time
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Licence Plate Recognition

Detects licence plates in real time

Facial Recognition icon

Facial Recognition

Identify individuals Instantly with facial recognition
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Identify the event you're interested in without custom algorithms

How icetana AI works

icetana seamlessly connects to your existing system and is compatible with widely used video management software (VMS). Once installed, it begins a simple 3-step process.

Step 1

Learning Phase

icetana learns what's normal for your environment, focusing on unusual or noteworthy events without compromising privacy.

Step 2

Event Highlighting

Reduces screen fatigue by displaying only the events that matter, enhancing your security team's effectiveness.

Step 3

Continuous Evolution

Our system constantly improves, helping your security team make better decisions in real time.


Designed for your industry

Our AI technology operates effectively to tackle various key surveillance challenges in your industry.  
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Mall Management

Minimise security incidents and enhance customer experiences
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Keep students and staff safe 24/7
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Guarding Services

Keep your operations efficient with real time alerts
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Safe Cities 

Increase public safety and well-being with 24/7 real time surveillance 
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Leaders in security love icetana

Tamdeen Malls image

"icetana was initially implemented to prioritise abnormal events and respond proactively, but I would say it is something beyond security as it has positively impacted capacity planning, risk mitigation & presented site efficiency improvements."

Tamdeen Malls - Kuwait
Senior Technology Manager
Delco image

"Over the course of my career I have been involved in the installation of hundreds of thousands of cameras and until icetana none of them had captured an event in real time."

Delco Security
National Sales Director
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