Unusual Count

The formation of a crowd or traffic jam is usually an indication that there is or is about to be a security issue.

Events we find

Our unusual count algorithm creates events when there is an unusual number of people and vehicles in the scene at that time. Some examples of the types of events that this algorithm finds are:

  • Crowds forming

  • Traffic jams

  • Access to restricted areas

  • Large groups of people entering a facility

  • Protest activity

  • Unauthorised access of emergency exits

  • Suspicious activity

  • Vandalism

How it works

The unusual count algorithm determines typical number expectations for people and vehicles for each hour of the day.  A day is modelled from an earlier period that may be from the day before, a week earlier or a range of days of data. The system constantly updates this model to establish an expected number of people / vehicles in a scene at any given time and will raise an event when this number is exceeded.

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