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Safety and Security

24/7 real time surveillance
 icetana AI Safety and Security Software 

Simple and Scalable Security Solutions.

Our self-configuring and self-learning AI operates across extensive surveillance networks to identify unusual events in real time by learning what is considered normal in your specific setting.

This enables security personnel to proactively recognise incidents as they happen.
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Control room - Safety and Security product
Without AI

The challenge

24 billion hours of CCTV video footage are generated every day

The number of monitors one person has to manage is multiplying at alarming speed.

Missing key events

With a large camera count and a shift towards smaller teams, key events are often missed. 

Overloaded with multiple screens

Viewing hundreds of cameras on one screen can be overwhelming and cause fatigue. 
icetana AI Safety and Security Software

The Solution

icetana Safety and Security connects to your existing system and is compatible with widely used video surveillance platforms. Once installed, icetana AI begins a simple 3-step process.

Recognise the norm for your environment

Machine learning determines which footage and events are out of the ordinary, without invasive technology or privacy violations.

Displays only unusual events

Surveillance footage is hidden, displaying video feeds only upon an unusual event, reducing screen fatigue.

Gets better over time

As icetana Safety and Security processes footage over time, it becomes smarter, showing fewer but more significant events and potential risks on your Livewall.

Key Benefits

Remote access
Monitor your premises in real time, anytime, anywhere.
Real time Livewall alerts
Get real time alerts on icetana AI's LiveWall, ensuring you never miss any potential threats.
Instant reports
After installation, icetana's AI analyses your camera feeds and displays your custom events in real time.
No specialist cameras
There is no need for you to upgrade your cameras, icetana AI is compatible with a wide variety of camera models.
Use Cases

How icetana Safety and Security works

Our Safety and Security offers multiple uses within your facility.

Perimeter Crossing

Determine the number of individuals entering and exiting specific locations.
Climbing over wall


Identify when people and cars are present in restricted areas during unexpected times.

icetana AI Suite

icetana Safety and Security is the foundational product, complemented by a suite of AI-driven products.
icetana security

Safety & Security

24/7 real time AI surveillance
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Transform surveillance data into actionable insights at scale
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Forensics Quick Find

Locate individuals of interest across all sites in real time
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Licence Plate Recognition

Detects licence plates in real time

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Facial Recognition

Identify individuals Instantly with facial recognition
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Identify the event you're interested in without custom algorithms

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about icetana Safety and Security
Will icetana Safety and Security work on my current VMS system? 
Yes, we integrate with NX Witness, Genetec and Milestone.
What is the pricing of icetana Safety and Security? 
Please contact our sales team so we can assess your needs and offer you the appropriate pricing. Book a meeting here.
Do I need to set rules to use icetana Safety and Security?
No, it's not necessary to establish separate rules for each camera. There's a 24-hour initial learning period, followed by a week of optimization, with ongoing enhancements based on user interactions.