Unusual Location

If people and cars are in areas that they shouldn’t be, it would usually indicate a situation that Security may need to investigate. These can often be dangerous situations.

Events we find

Our usual location algorithm creates events when there are people and cars in an unusual location within the scene at that time. Some examples of the types of events that this algorithm finds are:

  • Vehicles driving on footpaths

  • People accessing rail tracks/tunnels

  • Intruders climbing over perimeter fences

  • Maintenance workers on ladders

  • Children falling/playing on escalators or fountains

  • People on motorways

  • People accessing “no-go” zones

  • Suspicious behaviour

  • Vandalism

  • Camera tampering

  • Car driving over median strip at car park

  • Fare evasion

  • Aggressive behaviour (pushing into unusual area)

  • Tunnel Trespassing

How it works

A typical scene will have areas of common movement and areas that remain relatively static for much of the day. The unusual location algorithm determines the areas of the scene that it is usual for people and vehicles to be. A day is modelled from an earlier period that may be from the day before, a week earlier or a range of days of data. The system constantly updates this model to establish the expected location of people / vehicles in a scene at any given time and will raise an event when they are located in an area that is not expected.

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