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icetana Limited

icetana Limited (ASX: ICE) is a global SaaS software company providing video analytics technology designed to identify abnormal events and unexpected behaviour in real time for large-scale surveillance networks. Our software integrates with existing video management systems and IP cameras.

Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques, icetana software learns and filters out routine motion, showing only unusual behaviour. This allows operators to automatically prioritise responses to both precursor activities and current incidents. icetana technology is implemented across a broad range of private, public, and government industries at over 40 sites on four continents. For more than 13 years, icetana has helped customers harness rich data streams from their existing security networks into improved situational awareness and deeper operational insights.

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The Team

Our Board

Matthew Macfarlane

Non-Executive Chair

Colm O'Brien

Non-Executive Director

Clinton Snow

Non-Executive Director

Our Team

Kevin Brown

Chief Executive Officer

Sean Clarke

Chief Revenue Officer

Rafael Kimberley-Bowen

Chief Financial Officer

Mudassar Khan

Regional Director (MENA Region)

Rachel Dolan

Head of Marketing

Anthony Milton

Engineering Manager

Sarah Payne

Product Manager

Talha Khan

Technical Manager

Luke Bennett

Data Scientist

Kyle Newman

Machine Learning Engineer

James Oliver

Full Stack Developer

Josh Foster

Business Development Representative

Annette Berger

Financial Controller

Irfan Hassan Wani

Deployment Engineer (MENA)

Anna Saligari

People & Culture Consultant

Kamaria Rose

Digital Marketing Specialist

Tom Watts

Frontend Developer

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