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icetana are experts in video anomaly detection software

After more than a decade of anomaly detection software development, icetana knows that AI based software can have a large positive impact on security surveillance performance. Better outcomes have been achieved by security teams in the field and also by those monitoring cameras when they work with icetana video anomaly detection software.

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The Challenge

24 billion hours of CCTV video footage are generated every day

While recording video footage is important, security professionals truly shine when they can respond effectively in critical situations. Unfortunately, too many security teams are stuck in an endless cycle of watching monitors and reviewing old footage. 

The number of monitors for each person to manage has grown exponentially. There is an additional challenge of monitoring remote sites, which decreases the ability to keep property and people safe. The expectations of management and the public continue to be very high.

How Security Currently Works

Security issues are identified after they occur

Even the most vigilant security personnel fall short more frequently than they would like due to an excess of cameras and a move towards smaller security teams. Although existing technology aids in simple object identification, it isn’t designed for real-time situations.

With additional scrutiny by the media and public, the pressure on security teams escalates. For these security officers, it can feel impossible to protect people and property and prevent crimes from occuring. This is counterproductive, and tends towards a no-win situation.

How Security Could Work

With AI powered CCTV software, problems are detected before they happen

The solution is to recognise and respond to an issue before it becomes larger. In the past, the only way to achieve this was to increase the number of staff to monitor surveillance cameras. The advancement of AI based technology (artificial intelligence) and anomaly detection software has created a more streamlined and economical solution - cameras that train themselves to detect and alert security staff of unusual behaviour and events. 

Rather than reacting to an event that has already taken place, your team will be aware of the issue as it happens, and can be prepared to tackle the incident as it develops. Better still, AI will continue to learn typical movements and occurrences in each environment, so without the need for continual updates and modifications, it will progressively get smarter and more effective over time. icetana’s AI powered anomaly detection system has seen improvements in event detection and prevention rates and security breaches even for small security teams.

Who does this really well?

icetana are experts in video anomaly detection software

After more than a decade working on the development of AI anomaly detection software, icetana knows that AI based software can have a large improvement on security surveillance performance. Better outcomes have been achieved by security teams in the field and those monitoring cameras when they work with the icetana anomaly detection platform.

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How icetana works

icetana connects to your existing system and is compatible with widely used CCTV surveillance platforms. After installation and a simple 3-step process, it will activate and immediately start making your network safer.

Step 1

icetana AI powered CCTV software learns what normal looks like for your environment

With the use of machine learning, icetana AI CCTV screening software determines what is atypical, without impinging upon privacy violations.

Step 2

icetana AI CCTV analysis displays only the unusual events

Typical footage is not shown, bringing unusual events to the attention of staff. The amount of monitoring becomes manageable, and saves staff crucial time with an automated save and flagging system.

Step 3

icetana gets better over time

As icetana processes more footage, it gets smarter. As a result, you will be shown less on your CCTV surveillance monitors, and only the important events or possible risks will be highlighted to you. This means your team will have all the information required to act on a situation in real time.

Events of interest

Unusual Location

Cars or people in abnormal locations will be alerted to you

Events of interest

Trip & Fall

People who have been injured can be identified and assisted

Unusual events

Unusual Time of Day

Be aware of people and vehicles in environments at unusual times of day which can be suspicious

Unusual events

Unusual Number

Unusual numbers of people or cars can indicate suspicious activity


Curtin University

  • An expansive network of cameras in operation to monitor a large and busy campus
  • 24/7 Security Operations Centre with limited resources made it impossible for operators to monitor every camera
  • Essential areas of our campus were left unobserved due to our limited monitoring capacity

As an existing customer for nearly a decade at Curtin University, we faced the challenge of an expanding CCTV network that couldn’t be constantly monitored. icetana seamlessly filled this monitoring gap. Its versatility in monitoring vast areas on our campus is unparalleled.

Christopher Hall

Security Operations Coordinator
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