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Locate individuals of interest across all sites in real time
icetana AI forensic surveillance software 

Find and Follow with Precision. Enhance security insights. 

An AI-powered forensic solution designed to identify persons of interest across various scenes, enhancing community safety.

Rapidly locate individuals based on icetana events, track their movements, and determine their last known location. 
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The challenge

Locating people in real time

Tracking a person of interest's activities through various cameras is often a complex task.

Evidence Collection

During a crisis, you cannot afford to waste hours searching for an individual across all cameras on your premises.

Hours of footage

Going through hours of VMS footage to locate the person of interest takes too much time.
icetana Forensic Quick Find

The Solution

Integrate icetana Forensic Quick Find with our Safety and Security solution to find persons of interest across your site in seconds.

Find the person of interest in the Highlights

Once a security event is logged in the Highlights module and the person of interest is detected, hover your mouse over them.

Click on person

When the individual is highlighted, click on their body to be redirected to the Find page.

Review their footsteps at your site

icetana AI scans all the cameras on your site for individuals resembling your subject prioritising the most similar matches at the top.

Key Benefits

Track across multiple cameras
Identify the individual’s footsteps 
No metadata needed
There is no requirement to enter metadata, click on the individual and find them in real time
Works on all cameras
Integrates and works on your current camera setup with no need to have specialist 4k cameras
Fast with no configuration
With no need for special configuration or rule-setting
Use Cases

How icetana Forensic Quick Find works

An icetana AI event needs to be created before you can utilise the icetana Forensic Quick Find tool. Here are some use case examples only if an event is triggered.
A person on site acting suspicious

A person on site acting suspicious

Quickly identify any individual exhibiting suspicious behaviour that could pose a threat, such as someone on the premises carrying a weapon.
Theft prevention & response

Theft prevention & response

Follow and track thieves across multiple cameras to quickly identify suspects and recover stolen goods.

icetana Suite

icetana Safety and Security is the foundational product, complemented by a suite of AI-driven products.
icetana security

Safety & Security

24/7 real time AI surveillance
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Transform surveillance data into actionable insights at scale
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Forensics Quick Find

Locate individuals of interest across all sites in real time
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Licence Plate Recognition

Detects licence plates in real time

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Facial Recognition

Identify individuals Instantly with facial recognition
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Identify the event you're interested in without custom algorithms

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about icetana Forensic Quick Find
Do I need the icetana Safety and Security product for icetana Forensic Quick Find? 
Yes, icetana Security is the foundational product with icetana Forensic Quick Find as an additional feature.
Will icetana Forensic Quick Find work on my current VMS system? 
Yes, we integrate with NX Witness, Genetec and Milestone.
What is the pricing of icetana Forensic Quick Find? 
Please contact our sales team so we can assess your needs and offer you the appropriate pricing. Book a meeting here.
What industries can use icetana Forensic Quick Find?