Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

Identify individuals instantly with Facial Recognition
 icetana AI Facial Recognition software 

Secure your site: detect VIPs and banned individuals in real time

Incorporate icetana Facial Recognition into your icetana Safety and Security product to instantly identify when a person of interest enters your site.
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Without AI

The challenge

Real time watchlists

Identifying VIPs and banned individuals through various cameras is often a complex task.

VIP Monitoring

Missing when a VIP enters your premise.

Banned Monitoring

Detecting in real time when a banned person or person of interest enters your site.
icetana Facial Recognition Software

The Solution

Integrate icetana Facial Recognition with our Safety and Security solution to easily manage access lists and detect when a person of interest enters your site with a straightforward four-step setup.

Create personalised watchlists

With either allow or deny to your premises.

Upload images of people and add them to relevant watchlist

Enter person details and upload additional images of the person

If you possess multiple images of the person, you can upload all of them.

Option to configure different Livewalls with different lists

Receive distinct alerts for allow and deny watchlists to stay informed when someone enters your site.

Key Benefits

Quick to Set up
No need to spend hours setting up our Facial Recognition software.
High Accuracy
High accuracy working on all vehicles with all.
Have multiple images for the same person
You aren't limited to one image per person; you can upload multiple.
Instant alert of person to Livewall
An alert appears on the icetana AI LiveWall when a person from your allow or deny list enters your site.
Use Cases

How icetana Facial Recognition works

Our Facial Recognition offers multiple uses within your facility.
A person on site acting suspicious

VIP recognition

Allows for the special treatment of VIP members with personalised greetings and exclusive services.
Theft prevention & response

Banned person

Detect banned people in real time to prevent them from gaining access to your site.

icetana AI Suite

icetana Safety and Security is the foundational product, complemented by a suite of AI-driven products.
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Facial Recognition

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about icetana Facial Recognition
Do I need the icetana Safety and Security product for icetana Facial Recognition? 
Yes, icetana Security is the foundational product with icetana Facial Recognition as an additional feature.
Will icetana Facial Recognition work on my current VMS system? 
Yes, we integrate with NX Witness, Genetec and Milestone.
What is the pricing of icetana Facial Recognition? 
Please contact our sales team so we can assess your needs and offer you the appropriate pricing. Book a meeting here.
What industries can use icetana Facial Recognition?
Is icetana Facial Recognition Bias?
No, our algorithms are trained on a large dataset, trained from a range of demographics.