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icetana AI are experts at integrating with your Video Management System

icetana AI has been developing AI enhancement approaches for video management systems (VMS) for more than a decade, and has an industry-leading understanding of the advantages AI can bring to security surveillance networks. Security teams collaborating with icetana AI to improve their VMS systems, experience significant benefits, impacting both the operators and the surveillance subjects.

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The Challenge

24 billion hours of CCTV video footage are generated every day

While surveying video footage is important, it is getting increasingly difficult for security teams to keep up with the amount of security footage to monitor. With some security teams monitoring from remote locations, it puts even more distance between responders and a possible threat, adding to the challenge of keeping the public and property safe.

How Security Currently Works

Security issues are identified after they occur

Increasing camera counts and the focus on higher productivity with smaller teams can overwhelm security, affecting their response capabilities.  While existing technology can help with basic object detection, this isn't focused on real-time events, resulting in responses that are often too late. 

With mounting pressure from the media and the public, it can feel as though crime prevention is becoming unattainable. 

How Security Could Work

With AI for VMS, problems are detected before they happen

The ideal solution is to detect and respond to an event before it happens. Until now, the only feasible way to improve real-time responses was to increase the number of staff monitoring surveillance cameras. Due to advances in AI (artificial intelligence) technology and video management systems/vms, cameras can learn to identify atypical behaviour and events and signal a potential security issue. 

Rather than reacting to something that has already happened, your team will be present and able to prevent issues. Integrating icetana AI with your video management system allows the technology to continuously learn about each environment. It gradually increases its understanding of atypical events with minimal user input required. This alleviates the pressure on security staff significantly, and even a small team will see an unmistakable improvement.

Who does this well?

icetana AI are integration experts in AI VMS

icetana AI has been developing AI integrations for VMS for over a decade and has an industry-leading understanding of the advantages that AI can bring to security surveillance networks. Those security teams that work with icetana AI's integrated VMS experience significant results for both those in front of the camera and behind.

With a decrease in security incidents, team morale goes up. The best part about using intelligent video monitoring systems is that all the heavy lifting is done for you, with almost no adjustments required.

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How icetana AI video analytics works

icetana AI integrates with your VMS / video management systems and is compatible with standard video surveillance platforms. The software connects seamlessly to your existing system, and immediately begins a basic 3-step set-up process, leaving almost no time at all before your network starts being safer and more secure.

Step 1

icetana AI learns what normal looks like for your environment

icetana AI determines what footage and events are atypical without being invasive or breaching privacy.

Step 2

icetana AI integration filters your Video Management System to show only significant or unusual events

Only video feeds of unusual events will be shown, and the remaining footage will be hidden. This drives a reduction in screen fatigue for security staff and enables them to stay alert and focus on events of concern. All detected events are automatically flagged and saved for review.

Step 3

icetana AI gets better over time

As time goes on, icetana's AI-powered VMS analytic integration will learn to differentiate between typical and non-typical events, and you will be shown less and less surveillance footage. Your team will be left with only the important events and potential risks and will be better equipped to take action.

Events of interest

Unusual Location

Be alerted to people or cars in unusual locations

Events of interest

Trip & Fall

Detect people who have tripped or fallen and may require help

Unusual events

Unusual Time of Day

Identify cars and people in an environment at a strange time of day

Unusual events

Unusual Number

Be made aware of unusual amounts of people or cars in your scene that seem suspicious and could indicate the beginning of an event


Curtin University

  • An expansive network of cameras in operation to monitor a large and busy campus
  • 24/7 Security Operations Centre with limited resources made it impossible for operators to monitor every camera
  • Essential areas of our campus were left unobserved due to our limited monitoring capacity

As an existing customer for nearly a decade at Curtin University, we faced the challenge of an expanding CCTV network that couldn’t be constantly monitored. icetana seamlessly filled this monitoring gap. Its versatility in monitoring vast areas on our campus is unparalleled.

Christopher Hall

Security Operations Coordinator
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