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June 19, 2024

AI Security for Mall Management: Reduce Risk With icetana

At icetana, we recognise the essential need to maintain safety and security in malls, visited daily by thousands of customers. Given the increased security incidents in shopping centres internationally, AI video surveillance has become crucial.

What is Video Analytics?

Video analytics is a technology that automates the monitoring of video surveillance footage. This technology enables real time detection and analysis of events, reducing the risk of missing critical threats. Our icetana Safety and Security AI system integrates seamlessly with existing security cameras and VMS systems. Using our solution increases your capabilities by identifying unusual activities automatically.

Core Features of icetana Safety and Security

Our core product, icetana Safety and Security, uses AI to detect unusual events across large surveillance networks. It's tailored to adapt and learn from the daily flow of mall activities, ensuring that any deviation from the norm is alerted to security.

Specific Functions to Prevent Assault

Mall security's top priority is preventing incidents before they escalate. Ideally, security should be able to intervene before a weapon is drawn. Here's where icetana's Safety and Security AI excels. Our system is trained to identify unusual behaviour that can be early warning signs of disruptive behaviour or potential assaults. These can include:

  • Unusual Speed: AI can detect people running in areas where it's unexpected, like hallways or near exits. This could indicate someone trying to flee or in distress who might need help.
  • Unusual Location: Loitering in restricted areas, people entering unauthorised zones, or lingering near store entrances for extended periods can all be flagged by the system. This can be especially helpful for after-hours monitoring.
  • Unexpected Gatherings: Large groups forming quickly, especially near entrances or around high-value targets like jewellery stores, can be a concern. The system can alert security to investigate and potentially disperse the crowd before it turns problematic.

By identifying these red flags in real time, icetana's AI empowers security to intervene proactively and prevent situations from escalating into assaults or other security breaches. This improves overall mall safety for both shoppers and retailers.

Benefits of Using icetana in Mall Management

Implementing icetana in mall environments offers multiple benefits:

  • Proactive Surveillance: Automatically detect and alert potential security threats, reducing response time.
  • Efficient Resource Allocation: Focus security personnel on verified incidents, enhancing overall response effectiveness.
  • Scalable Technology: Perfectly suited for the vast areas and complex environments typical of malls.

Integration and Implementation

At icetana, we pride ourselves on creating solutions that integrate effortlessly with your existing security infrastructure. Our team works closely with mall management to ensure a smooth implementation process and provides ongoing support to optimise the system’s performance.


Adopting icetana’s video analytics is a proactive step towards modernising mall security. It not only aids in the identification and prevention of assaults but also significantly enhances the overall safety of the shopping environment, reassuring both shoppers and retailers.

We invite mall management professionals to contact our team at icetana for more information or to arrange a detailed demonstration of our technology.

Let us help you make your mall a safer, more secure environment for everyone. Contact us today today.

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