AI Enhanced Video Surveillance

Airport Surveillance Technology

In a high-traffic airport, it is impossible to monitor all screens in real time. icetana's AI-driven security camera solutions for airports enables you to anticipate potential threats, improve situational awareness, and protect passengers and staff.

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Benefits of icetana's AI

Why Choose icetana for Your Airport Security Needs

Our AI enhances airport security and safety through advanced surveillance, covering everything from physical alterations, harassment, and medical emergencies to routine monitoring and prevention.

Security guard at airport


Empowering Airport Security Solutions

Discover peace of mind with our advanced video surveillance solutions to ensure a safer journey for all.

Shopping Mall


Transforming Retail Security Solutions

Elevate your shopping experience with icetana's innovative ai video surveillance, safeguarding retail spaces and ensuring a secure haven for your indulgence.

School photograph


Fostering a Safe Learning Environment

Embrace confidence in education security solutions with icetana, dedicated to safeguarding schools and nurturing a protected space for knowledge to thrive.

Use Cases

How icetana Can Support Your Airport Security Requirements

Our AI technology operates effectively to tackle various key security challenges. It is designed to understand the typical patterns of your environment, identifying any abnormal or unusual events as they occur in real time.

Unattended Luggage

Locate backpacks and suitcases that are unattended for long periods.


Identify when people and cars are present in restricted areas during unexpected times.

Fire and Smoke

Locate fire and safety hazards in real time.

Smoke and Vaping

Locate people who are smoking or vaping in restricted areas.


Detect behaviours leading to theft and break-ins.

Medical Emergencies

Notify security teams when a customer or staff member experiences slips or falls as a result of individual or environmental reasons.
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icetana's Analytics

Analytics Made Easy

Experience the simplicity of understanding your space with icetana Analytics, where counting people and vehicles and analysing heatmaps empowers you to make data-driven decisions with ease.

People and Vehicle Count

Analyse the data on how many people or vehicles are entering your environment and understand the peak periods.


Track the timing and behavior of customer flow, enabling customised security measures for your specific setting.

ChatGPT Reporting

Create reports effortlessly using our ChatGPT integration.
Empower your security team with ai

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