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March 6, 2023

Autonomous Surveillance

icetana's AI surveillance software is one such system that can revolutionize large-scale security operations. This article will explore the features and benefits of icetana's software for a large-scale security operator centre.

Autonomous Self-Learning AI

icetana's autonomous self-learning AI technology constantly analyses and adapts to the environment it is monitoring, allowing it to detect new and unusual events that other systems may miss. For instance, in a crowded airport, icetana's AI can detect suspicious activity, such as someone entering a typically very quiet area of the site, alerting the security team in real-time. With time, the AI becomes more effective in identifying suspicious activities, and the system gets better at identifying and reporting new potential threats.

Real-Time Event Detection

icetana's AI surveillance software can detect events in real-time and alert operators to any unusual or potentially dangerous behaviour, helping to prevent incidents before they happen. The software can recognise various behaviours, such as crowds forming, people running, and cars driving onto pavements or people tripping/falling over, and immediately report it to the security team. In a busy train station, for instance, icetana can detect a person who falls on an escalator and notify the security team to send emergency medical support.

Easy Configuration

icetana's software is self-configuring, meaning it can be set up quickly and easily without requiring extensive IT knowledge or training. It only requires a short installation process and the software can be configured to meet the security needs of the security center. For instance, in a new shopping mall, the software can be installed and configured within a day, without the need for specialised technicians or camera changes, saving time and money.


icetana's software can be deployed across large surveillance networks, making it an excellent solution for organisations with multiple sites or locations. This means that it can be easily integrated into an organisation's existing surveillance infrastructure. The software can operate on hundreds or thousands of cameras, detecting and analysing data in real-time. This feature is beneficial in larger installations such as casinos, airports, government buildings, and educational campuses, among other places.

Advanced Analytics

icetana's software provides advanced analytics and reporting tools, giving operators insights into patterns of behaviour and helping them to identify potential threats. The software can analyse behaviour patterns, such as people moving in a particular direction, and alert security teams in case of suspicious activity. For instance, in a parking lot, the software can track vehicles entering and leaving, detect and report any suspicious activity, such as a person breaking into a car.

Reduced False Events

icetana's AI technology is capable of distinguishing between normal and abnormal behavior, reducing the number of false motion detection events that operators have to deal with. The software can filter out events that are not considered dangerous or suspicious, leaving only the more interesting events to be reported to the security team. For instance, in a busy University, the software can differentiate between someone accessing the campus gardens with nefarious intent rather than simply walking along a path or sitting on the grass for their lunch..


icetana's software is a very cost-effective solution for organizations looking to improve their surveillance capabilities, as it can be deployed without the need for significant hardware upgrades. The software works with existing surveillance infrastructure, eliminating the need for an expensive system overhaul or new camera purchases. This feature is beneficial for organizations that want to improve their security infrastructure without incurring substantial capital costs.

Strong Return on Investment (ROI)

icetana's software has an excellent ROI for organizations looking to save on their security guard spending due to the direct savings from better live monitoring. The software allows over 300 cameras to be actively monitored by a single (often part-time) operator.  Our clients have found that the improved real-time monitoring capabilities give them savings on guarding costs.  Based on separate studies in the Middle East and Japan, customers calculated that they can reduce their in-field guard count by one for every 100 cameras added to icetana due to the better deployment of limited guarding resources. This saving is beneficial for organizations that want to improve their security budget using modern AI capabilities.


In conclusion, icetana's AI surveillance software offers a range of powerful features and benefits that can greatly enhance the capabilities of large-scale security operations centres. 

From self-learning autonomous AI and real-time event detection to easy configuration and reduced false events, icetana's software provides cutting-edge technology that can help organizations keep their people and assets safe, reduce risk, and improve operational efficiency. 

The software's advanced analytics and reporting tools also provide valuable insights into patterns of behavior, helping operators to identify potential threats and take proactive measures to prevent incidents before they escalate. 

With its cost-effective deployment options and scalability, icetana's software is an ideal solution for organizations with multiple sites or locations. Overall, icetana's software is a valuable asset to any security operations center looking to enhance their surveillance capabilities, save money and keep their people and assets safe.

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