Published on
November 14, 2023

Elevating Security: Unveiling icetana's Enhanced Software Experience

At icetana, we are excited to introduce our latest enhancements to our AI security software. Our team have been working hard, combining a brand-new user interface (UI) and a powerful new algorithm to elevate security measures to the next level.

The New Look of icetana Software

The new user interface (UI) in our software has been designed with convenience in mind. Streamlined, intuitive, and visually captivating, it offers a seamless navigation experience.

The colours and layout have all been updated to make it easier to navigate and view the events captured. We have also introduced a new dashboard that highlights the hours of footage that has been reviewed, the health of cameras, cameras with the highest number of events, total of events and incident reporting all in the last 7 days.

Updated Machine Learning System

Through a complete reconstruction, the revamped icetana system brings substantial performance enhancements and reliability to our software.

How this Benefits You

With the new UI, your interaction with our software becomes more intuitive and efficient. The enhanced algorithm ensures a reactive security system, allowing you to stay ahead in safeguarding what matters most.

How to Upgrade to the new icetana

The new UI and updated Machine Learning System will not automatically be upgraded. If you are a current customer with our latest V2 software and would like to upgrade to the new look and feel of icetana, please contact us.

These upgrades reflect our commitment to offering not just a product, but a solution that evolves with security challenges. The future of security detection lies with icetana software. We are not just redefining what's possible, we are setting new standards for proactive, intelligent security solutions.

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