Published on
July 1, 2024

Introducing icetana's New Perimeter Crossing Feature

At icetana, we are committed to enhancing our safety and security solutions to meet the needs of our customers. In response to our customer’s feedback, we are excited to announce our latest feature, Perimeter Crossing. 

This feature enables users to draw lines across entrances or pathways, allowing them to monitor and manage the flow of people and vehicles with unprecedented ease and accuracy.

What is Perimeter Crossing?

Perimeter Crossing is a feature within our icetana Safety and Security product that allows users to draw virtual lines across any entrance or pathway within a surveillance camera’s field of view. When a person or vehicle crosses these specified lines, an event can be triggered to the Livewall. This capability not only enhances security by monitoring entry and exit movements but also aids significantly in occupancy control, capacity evaluation, and even non-security metrics such as sales and conversion rates. By counting all the people and vehicles that cross the defined lines, users can gain insights to manage their spaces more efficiently.

Benefits of Perimeter Crossing

Our Perimeter Crossing feature offers a range of benefits designed to enhance your security and management capabilities:

  1. Compatibility: It can be added to any camera, ensuring flexibility and ease of integration.
  2. Quick setup: Simple and intuitive configuration process that saves time and effort.
  3. Versatility: Works effectively both indoors and outdoors, adapting to various environments.
  4. Customisable rules and alerts: Users can define specific rules and event alerts to suit their requirements.
  5. Multiple lines and areas: Ability to monitor multiple lines or occupancy areas on any single camera, providing comprehensive coverage.

Real-Life Use Cases

Perimeter Crossing is a versatile feature that can be applied in numerous real-world scenarios. Here are some examples of how it can be utilised:

  1. People entering an unauthorised area: Monitor and alert security personnel when individuals cross into restricted zones.
  2. Fence climbing: Detect if people are climbing over or crawling under fences in restricted areas. 
  3. Queue management: Optimise wait times and manage queues effectively in hotel check-ins, elevators, and retail environments.
  4. Car park monitoring: Detect illegal parking and monitor vehicle movements in parking lots.
  5. Monitor room occupancy: Ensure that the number of people in hotel rooms matches the number of registered guests, preventing unauthorised use.

Easy Configuration 

Setting up icetana’s Perimeter Crossing is straightforward and user-friendly with these simple four steps to get started:

  1. Open a camera: Select the camera you wish to configure for perimeter crossing.
  2. Enable line crossing: Define the direction or area you want to monitor by drawing lines on the live camera feed.
  3. Choose an event Level: Decide on the criteria for event creation, such as triggering an event on the LiveWall when more than four people enter the designated area.
  4. Select detection type: Choose between person or vehicle detection based on your specific needs.


Our new icetana Perimeter Crossing feature in our Safety and Security product is a powerful tool that enhances your ability to monitor and manage various environments effectively. With its easy setup, customisable rules, and versatile applications, it is an invaluable addition to any security and management system.

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