Published on
November 6, 2023

Warehouse Fire Detection Using AI – How icetana’s innovative AI helps mitigate warehouse fires during El Nino

Australia is encountering the challenges of El Niño, a natural climate phenomenon that brings about heightened fire dangers and extreme heat risks. With heat waves being a significant threat to the country, it is crucial to take proactive measures to limit the risk of fires, especially in warehouses and industrial facilities that are surrounded by bushland.

The El Niño Challenge

El Niño events are notorious for creating favourable conditions for wildfires. They bring hot and dry weather patterns, creating a conducive environment for the rapid spread of fires. As mentioned, heatwaves during El Niño years pose a risk to property and human lives.

One way to reduce these risks is by adopting advanced technology that provides real-time monitoring and early detection of fire-related incidents.

This is where our Warehouse Fire Safety with AI comes into play.

icetana's AI for warehouse fire safety

icetana's AI software identifies unusual and potentially dangerous events captured on CCTV cameras, including fire and trip/fall algorithms. Our fire detection algorithm will create an event when flames or smoke are in a scene. A bounding box will then appear around the area of concern.

Much like our fire detection algorithm, the trip and fall algorithm is capable of identifying instances where an individual has fallen, a situation that can be influenced by severe heatstroke.

Here's how our technology can help limit these risks in warehouses during El Niño and other challenging climate conditions:

1. Early fire detection

We continuously analyse live footage from surveillance cameras, looking for signs of fires such as smoke, flame identification and items on fire. By detecting fires at their early stages, it allows for faster responses, reducing the potential for fires to escalate.

2. Instant access to live footage

With a significant portion of surveillance cameras operating without real-time monitoring, icetana bridges this gap by providing security personnel with instant access to live footage of unusual events. During an El Niño, this capability is important for spotting fire-related incidents promptly.

3. Pre-emptive threat mitigation

When a fire-related incident is detected, our system triggers an immediate response by alerting security personnel through highlighting the event on security screens. This pre-emptive approach allows quicker intervention to prevent fires from spreading and causing significant damage.

4. Protecting workers

Heatwaves and fires frequently affect individuals more susceptible to these conditions. By improving fire safety in warehouses and industrial facilities through the implementation of icetana's technology, we can reduce the risks associated with both fires and incidents of workers fainting due to excessive heat.


As Australia faces the challenges of El Niño and the risk of heat waves and fires, it is essential to embrace technologies that enhance fire and worker safety.

icetana's AI security software offers you a comprehensive approach to ensuring the safety of warehouses and other facilities without compromising individual privacy.

By detecting fires early, providing instant access to live footage, and enabling preemptive threat mitigation, icetana can help limit the spread of fires caused in warehouses during El Niño events.

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