Published on
February 20, 2024

Elevating AI Surveillance Operations with icetana's Livewall

Navigating the Future of AI Surveillance Monitoring: icetana's Livewall Advantages

In the domain of security operations, the clarity and efficiency of monitoring systems are paramount. The relentless stream of visual information from multiple screens can overwhelm even the most experienced operators, leading to screen fatigue and decreased efficiency in identifying and responding to security incidents.

This is where our Livewall technology marks a significant leap forward in surveillance operations.

Cutting Through the Noise with icetana

Our Livewall stands out by employing advanced algorithms that sift through endless hours of video feeds to identify and highlight only those events of interest. This prioritisation ensures that operators are presented with incidents that matter most, allowing for swift and decisive action.

The icetana Solution: Precision in Prioritisation

This prioritisation ensures that operators are presented with incidents that matter most, allowing for swift and decisive action.

Advantages for Security Operators

Reduced Screen Fatigue

By eliminating the need to monitor multiple feeds simultaneously, our Livewall significantly lowers the risk of screen fatigue. Operators can stay alert and focused on what truly matters, enhancing their ability to respond to incidents.

Increased Efficiency

The selective filtering of events allows operators to concentrate their efforts on evaluating and addressing potential security concerns. This streamlined process leads to a more efficient use of time and resources.

Increase Response Times

With the icetana software, critical situations are highlighted, enabling rapid assessment and action. This can make all the difference in mitigating security risks and ensuring safety.


Regardless of the size of the surveillance network, our technology adapts seamlessly, ensuring that security operations can scale without compromising on the quality of monitoring.

VMS Integrations 

We can integrate with your VMS screens, ensuring full compliance with specific country regulations while still providing a comprehensive overview of all surveillance feeds.

A Step Towards Smarter Surveillance

Incorporating icetana into your security infrastructure means not just upgrading your technology, but transforming the way security operations are conducted. It's about making a strategic choice to empower your security team with the tools they need to perform at their best, ensuring that every second of monitoring yields maximum value.

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