Published on
March 17, 2022

Patrol Security and Security Guard Tips: Staying Safe on the Job

While security services provide safety to the community, it’s also vital that patrol security is top of mind; just like the communities they protect. How can security officers actively work to keep themselves healthy and safe while on duty?

Patrol Security: How to Stay Safe on the Job

1. Engage Your Senses

It’s a good idea to habitually stop and take a deep breath and fully take stock of your environment. If you’re on the move, it’s sometimes harder to spot any unusual noises, sights or smells. It’s also a good idea during a long shift to pause and re-presence yourself to your environment to stay focused and alert.

2. Vary Your Route

Aim to keep patrolling routes as random as possible, especially if you know the area well and you’ve been working there for quite a while. Anyone looking to gain access to a restricted area, or commit a crime is bound to spot predictable patterns so it’s a good idea to randomise and vary your route.

3. Wear Protective and Comfortable Clothing

Depending on the location, some areas may require patrol for certain risks. To keep guards safe on the job, it’s important to consider providing uniforms that contain protective gear. In some cases a security guard may be doing lots of vigorous activity such as walking or even running.  Consider enforcing comfortable footwear and a uniform that doesn’t restrict movement.

4. Use Security Equipment and Software for Patrol Security.

It’s important to have security equipment in working order at all times. CCTV cameras and alarm systems are vital during every shift. CCTV equipment combined with real-time anomaly detection software like icetana, you can highlight irregular activity that the human eye is not able to identify as easily as AI. This type of CCTV security software can prevent operator fatigue and boost the efficiency and reach of security staff. Also ensure that security guards have their mobile phones fully charged and if they speak over earphones, that the cords and devices are in working order.

5. Be Prepared and Understand Your Limits

Make sure that you and your staff are trained to deal with the worst case scenario. It’s important as a security guard that you’re aware what you can and cannot do. If there’s a difficult situation, rather than handling it all by yourself, be sure to reach out to the appropriate authorities.

These precautionary tips, although very simple, can be lifesaving for security guards and increase patrol security and guard effectiveness. If you’d like to reach out and get in touch to enquire how anomaly detection software can boost safety and effectiveness, please click here and we’ll see how we can best support you and your guard services.

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