Published on
February 9, 2024

Retail Security Solutions: How icetana's AI Enhances Safety

Did you know 1,000 cameras produce 720,000 hours of video footage each month?

In the fast-paced retail environment, it is impossible to monitor all screens in real time. Security teams face this challenge daily, balancing active on-site management with vigilant monitoring. This dual responsibility can lead to key events being overlooked, as the human attention span is naturally limited, especially during prolonged periods of screen observation.

Challenges of Retail Security

Retail environments are susceptible to a wide array of security challenges, ranging from theft and vandalism to more sophisticated threats. The primary challenge lies in monitoring extensive footage from numerous cameras, which can be overwhelming for security personnel. Traditional systems rely heavily on manual monitoring, making it nearly impossible to detect all incidents in real time.

Examples of Security Threats in Retail

Retailers confront various security threats that can compromise safety and operational efficiency. These include:

Theft and Shoplifting

Persistent issues that drain resources and affect store profitability.


Damaging property, affecting the shopping environment's aesthetics and safety.

Unattended Bags

Potentially indicative of theft or, in worse cases, security threats.

Medical Emergencies

Not only a safety concern but also a legal liability for retailers.

Unauthorised Access

In sensitive areas, it can lead to significant security breaches.

Fire and Smoke

Immediate threats that require rapid detection and response.

Key Benefits for Retail Security to Use icetana's AI

Observe in real time 24/7

icetana's AI eliminates the clutter of multiple screens, presenting only relevant events through our security software. This enables you to promptly identify suspicious activities as they occur.

No Bias

Our software is designed without facial recognition capabilities, ensuring it does not exhibit biases related to gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. Its primary function is to identify unusual activities that may pose a threat to the safety of customers.

Reduce Crime

Our advanced CCTV software for retail facilities addresses a range of concerns, from theft to unauthorised access at unusual times.

Protect customers and staff

Facilitate swifter responses to medical emergencies, enhancing overall situational awareness. Our real time threat detection ensures constant vigilance over retail security, keeping you well-informed at all times.

Intuitive to use with remote access

We are designed for easy usability, making it accessible for both IT gurus and retail security guards, ensuring a user-friendly experience for all.

Data-Driven Insights for Continuous Improvement

Beyond immediate security benefits, icetana offers valuable insights through data analysis and heatmaps. These tools help retail managers understand traffic patterns, optimise store layouts, and improve overall customer experience.

Conclusion: A Comprehensive Solution for Advanced Retail Security

For retail managers and security professionals looking for AI retail security solutions, icetana represents a significant leap forward.

The ability to transform vast amounts of surveillance data into actionable intelligence makes it an indispensable tool in modern retail security strategy.

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