AI first video analytics 

Transform your AI Surveillance with icetana.

Self learning AI software that detects unusual or interesting events across large surveillance networks.

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icetana AI surveillance

Identify events without rules or bias

We learn what normal looks like for your environment. Our AI determines which footage and what events are out of the ordinary, without invasive technology or privacy violations.

icetana unusual location event

Built for All Industries

We offer solutions that caters to the distinct security requirements of all sectors. Whether you operate in retail, airports, correctional facilities, education, or any other industry, icetana is designed to seamlessly integrate and adapt.

Security guard at airport


Empowering Airport Security Solutions

Discover peace of mind with our advanced video surveillance solutions to ensure a safer journey for all.

Shopping Mall


Transforming Retail Security Solutions

Elevate your shopping experience with icetana's innovative ai video surveillance, safeguarding retail spaces and ensuring a secure haven for your indulgence.

School photograph


Fostering a Safe Learning Environment

Embrace confidence in education security solutions with icetana, dedicated to safeguarding schools and nurturing a protected space for knowledge to thrive.

Transport of trucks


Elevate Transportation Security

Trust in icetana's advanced solutions to enhance safety across all modes of transport. Committed to safeguarding journeys and ensuring secure transit for a world on the move.

Prison gate

Correctional Facilities

Securing Correctional Facilities

Empower correctional institutions with icetana's advanced security solutions. Committed to enhancing safety, our technology ensures a vigilant watch, fostering a secure environment for rehabilitation and inmate well-being.

City skyscraper

Public Spaces

Transforming Public Spaces

Build safer cities with icetana's advanced video analytics. Our commitment to safeguarding public spaces ensures a secure environment, fostering a sense of well-being for all residents and visitors alike.

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